We are so excited to help launch you into a creative project.

The Nesting Needle was created with the hopes of helping others find their creative outlet. We all deserve to find a way to express ourselves with cute patterns and lots of color! Cross stitch keeps our minds free, our hands busy, and our stress at bay. What more could you ask for?! We can’t think of anything more relaxing than taking the time to sit down with a pattern and watch the piece come together, one stitch at a time.


15 years ago I was first introduced to cross stitch by my grandmother. Any craft that involved a needle of some kind, she was sure to teach us. I will always remember the excitement I had when we made our frequent trips to the craft store for more supplies. Naturally, arts and crafts were a huge outlet for me growing up. They allowed me to take time for myself and find a way to express my thoughts. Over the years that inner creative child faded into the background as I focused on becoming an adult in the world. Getting back into stitching this year gave me back that artistic outlet that I so desperately needed. I was inspired to create designs with a modern kick and offer something fun to the cross stitch community. Here’s to letting your inner creative child free, happy stitching!


The Nesting Needle was born from a sense of adventure as we found ourselves preparing for the next chapter. A few months back, during the height of launch, we purchased a 5th wheel with the plan to renovate and turn the trailer into our new home. Our little family is getting ready to pack up our belongings and hit the road. The goal for this new journey is to travel around the country looking for the perfect place to call home and nestle down [Insert the nesting needle.] This business is the perfect addition to our travels as we start this new chapter of exploration.

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